Say Hello Don’t Just Stare…

Yesterday I was on my way home from work when I noticed this guy looking at me I thought ok that’s a little weird but I guess he can’t help it because where else were you going to stare at other than another person on the bus. Then I realized that this guy looked at me again and I’m sitting there as if I hadn’t noticed because this was becoming a little awkward for me. Why, well I know who he is but technically I don’t know his name.
All I knew was that I worked with the guy and we took the same bus to and from work everyday, so why does he keep looking at me, why doesn’t he just say hello to me and maybe start a conversation. I know that might seem a bit awkward too but it’s sure better than just staring don’t you think?
Well I decided to just ignore it but I thought to myself does he like me or was he just looking at me just because, in all honesty I wasn’t quite sure I really cared at the moment I just wanted something to think about which actually gave me a lot. I went from that thought to thinking why most guys don’t even bother introducing themselves half the time when they like a girl but why women don’t even bother trying either.
is it just a natural thought you’ll get rejected or are you just scared because I’m not going to lie I don’t even know myself why either of us do it and when we do sometimes it works but most of the time it wont which proves we were right the whole time but are we really??


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