Love from a Coffee shop

He sits across the room from you and just stares into space while you sit there thinking of how sexy he looks, a million thoughts run through your mind but not one of them are about you, half of which are on him and the other half on other things. Daydreaming of when you would talk to him and what things you’d use to wheel him in and if they’d work, the sleepless nights on the roof top of an inspiring art building you both would pitch in to own or the late night coffee dates just talking about random things his gorgeous smile and his deep laugh make your heart sink you’re totally in love with this guy but when he stands up to move you slowly comeback to reality.

His eyes connect with yours for a brief moment and you feel a sudden shiver those eyes were dark with an indigo blue circling them and it just got intense,  a flicker of hope ran through your face sending a smile and pink colour to your cheeks he noticed it and smiled back, you finally got his attention now what, in the moment of a freeze you release a few words as he approaches. ”H-Hello” His hand extends and you blush as you extend yours he’s even more handsome up close than from a far.

Fast forward a few months as you lay on your bed looking at the ceiling remembering the past week when he took you down by the riverside for a romantic evening, small feast for two champagne and a diamond ring, sweet lilacs and a Cadillac ride as fast as it seems do you really love him as much as he loves you or is this to much for you. Another row of thoughts fall into your imagination he is romantic, sweet and a gentlemen but you don’t know much about him. His parents live in another country, he’s a rich business man and has no recent children, does he even want children for the future can he keep providing a safe and secure home for you will he be willing to drop everything for you and are you willing to drop things for him?

Ask him questions get to know him better try new things and find his weaknesses show him yours is he someone you can let your guard down for and am willing to move past your history. He interrupts your thoughts with a kiss, making eye contact your thoughts disappear he is the one the coffee shop mystery man the beautiful blue eyed man who caught your attention before he walked away and he’s yours to keep forever.

Years have pasted and both of you are older with grandchildren who are now asking for stories on how you met the love story they will share for years to come until they find love of their own and when that day comes you’ll know you left in time for a new generation to feel as happy and in love as you once were the day you met him in the coffee shop down the block.



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  1. That was really good


  2. thank you just something I felt like writing on that day


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