Now I Understand How My Parents Used To Feel

My mom runs a home daycare and now that I’ve been a babysitter for almost nine years I can’t understand why she does this, I mean I love kids but sometimes it’s just too much with all the yelling and fighting and crying I just can’t take it anymore. Nine years is nothing compared to what she used to do she was a babysitter plus she had three kids at first I didn’t understand how stressful watching a few kids could be but then I realized its crazy. My experience in child care is somewhat different than what my mother does for a living because the most I’ve had to deal with only lasted an hour or two max and usually the crying wouldn’t last and there usually would only be one or two kids I’d be watching so not a lot of fighting or yelling but there were crazy days where they wouldn’t listen or settle down.

How my mom deals with that non sense everyday is beyond me and when I come home she seems super stressed out but half the time it only lasts about an hour or so then she starts all over every single day and it just keeps on going. I’m eighteen and when I watch her daycare kids for a bit with her and I go nuts they wont stay still, they always ask for things and they never ever shut up unless its nap time, for gods sake why…? Now I can understand how my parent s felt when  my brothers and I were little but were we really that crazy and loud not to mention annoying, man I can’t believe she put up with us honestly, this just makes me think of when I babysat and what the differences are from then and now, well I figured it out it’s nothing much really except that I get annoyed a hell of a lot more easier than I used to before.


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