A Distraction I Never Usally Have Untill Now

So lately I’ve been really crushing on this guy at work not to mention kind of distracted, well not completely by him but might as well say so because he’s just so good looking but I’ve just been so busy with all the accounts I’m learning that it’s starting to distract me so I haven’t been writing lots at home or work and this is starting to disappoint me. I still have tons of poems to write up on the computer and I’m also in the middle of writing a book, which I already started chapter 12 but haven’t even typed up the 10th chapter  yet and all things considered I also have some data entry assignments to do for writing but this isn’t going very far due to work and the crazy hell its throwing at me.

See, I work at a call center where I take all sorts of donations for  Non-Profit organizations around the world and it’s becoming a lot more busy due to Christmas just around the corner and we have all these newbies starting and needing help, so if I’m not on a call I’m either helping someone who’s new or getting help myself from one of my supervisors, we refer them as a “fast” someone who’s supposed to know all the accounts but yet some don’t. This is were I laugh because how the fuck are we going to know what to do if they don’t, like come on your the main position on the floor get with the subject, this really irritates me because I end up in trouble when I was the one who asked for help and they didn’t even know what to do, idiots I tell you.

Today was certainly not one of the best days but there were some pluses about it due to the fact that I’m completely crushing on one of my “fasts” who indefinitely is one of the dumbest most good looking guys in the building, let alone a “fast”. it’s funny how I began liking him it started off that I was in training and he was one of our trainers that wasn’t very skilled  of course, but he did know more than the woman who was our legitimate trainer but either way they were all still new to the account just as much as we were. I was logging off of one of the banks I’ve been interested in and he decided to report me to my head boss which came to a surprise because she had told me that he said I was learning something and wasn’t paying attention, which was not true what so ever. In fact I had just finished my break but to get to the point I basically got a warning because of him, man was I pissed off he didn’t just report me he lied and made me cry in front of them which was such an embarrassment, so I didn’t  even bother apologizing to them.

A week later he was suddenly so nice to me, why? I have no idea but it kind of threw me off guard then to make things worse I began crushing on him because he smelt, yes smelt, so damn sexy I was basically hypnotized by his sent, weird I know. but then I took the time to really look at him and pay attention to how great looking he really was and he also fell into my “type” category which is the tall dark and handsome type plus he has a sweet little accent and he is an older guy as well, so ranging in the category of asshole to complete charmer. I fall for the stupidest little things and people, why I honestly don’t know but this is another distraction that’s throw me of my writing and usually the guys I like become my inspiration but he’s different and I’m not sure why but it’s pissing me off and I’m going to find out how to undistract myself from him and try to focus on my writing.


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