Thank You I Need That Refresh… :)

I remember when I used to try and be a useful person for him, putting on makeup when I wouldn’t have to drowning myself in perfume so I could catch his attention. After work the days I used to smoke with him and walk with him in the dark, all I could see was his mysterious eyes glistening in the moon light that shun upon us. The day he offered to hold my coat instead of letting it touch the snow, his sexy grin that was a sly smirk he only used when he wanted something. His tattooed body being shown off at work almost naked with no shame, a mood that threw everyone off in the heat of the moment but suffering from pain only some could compare to. I was secretly in love with his all star bad boy image something caught my attention and then I was hooked. But this was a long time ago when I was someone I never should have been and those memories mean more than life’s excuse its self but I wasn’t the one drowning in them now I look for the future.


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