The Fragile Intelligence of Beauty

What is it about beauty that makes life and the people in it really beautiful, is it the thought that makes it what it is or is it as it appears when people say the word? The word beautiful is meaning less to some but not to me, oh defiantly not to me that’s for sure. Beauty has everything to with life not just because its here but there’s so much to see, learn and feel, beauty IS everything and everyone. It isn’t about the looks its about the person inside you because in someone else’s eyes “beautiful” can be seen by ones eyes but not as much as it is felt within the soul. There are millions of beautiful people around the world who aren’t as beautiful as they look, a criminal for example could look so beautiful but deep down his or her soul and personality aren’t even close to it.

This generation makes things sound so intelligent yet we are the most immature generation so far, even the cave men were beautiful in their own twisted way. the native culture is one of the most brilliant most spiritual culture I’ve ever seen because to them everything is beautiful and alive. Nature, Animals, People and spirits call combine the beauty of life and to me that’s true beauty. Beauty isn’t just a feeling its a thought and a sight something you will never understand truly until you really live life the way you want the way your supposed to the way god wanted it to be, see Adam and Eve were meant to sin because they were curious to see what beauty brought them and the apple wasn’t supposed to be poisonous but it was and they lived for the beautiful life they truly wanted so for that they died peacefully. That’s my goal to die knowing what it’s really like to be beautiful.


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