Day Nine

Migraines. I get them all the time, nothing will ease the pain not even an aspirin if that’s even how you spell the damn word. Right now I’m in so much frikken pain I feel like I’m going to be sick. I only had a three hour sleep last night before I needed to work at 7:30 am today and I’ve been awake ever since. I feel super stoned when I’m not because I don’t smoke anymore, so yes I do know what being high feels like. I’ve been really busy with work, stress and writing that I have never gotten much of a chance to speak with one of my best friends I had while I was in BC that today I finally messaged her giving her my number because I miss her too damn much to stop talking. she’s a teen mom but she’s always wanted a baby even when I knew her in BC at the age of 16, she knew she wanted a baby she’s been great with ids her whole life and she’s amazing as a person. and when I moved she met her true love who gave her a step son and a son of her own and well, they are doing great life’s going good for them she’s happy not struggling at all. Some people were just born to have children and some weren’t doesn’t matter what age.

I’m not going to lie every single girl that I knew in BC had a baby but only 3 out of 9 are great at it, not saying having a baby is easy but look at all those other mothers out there not just teens. People like o judge no matter how old you are and yes everyone’s entitled to an opinion whether it’s going to be straight up rude or polite, it’s doesn’t matter there will be people who will agree or disagree no matter where you go in this world on everything you do say or feel but it’s YOUR final choice not theirs and if they don’t like it too bad it’s not their life it’s yours and this is reality people Honestly no one really gives a fuck what you really do even if they come of as it or they do fuck them your like that too but it’s what the world is these days so live it the way you want not how others want it. Rant done….! 🙂


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