Day 16,17,& 18

Alright I understand this doesn’t count for NaBloPoMo but I’ve just been really busy or the past three days I totally forgot to write in my blog and here I thought I was doing so well. I’m still crushing on my supervisor and it’s getting to me I really like him but I know nothing will happen due to the fact he’s m supervisor and all but still I wouldn’t know until I tried right? But isn’t there a line to draw maybe wait for him to make a first move? Who am I kidding he probably has a girlfriend or is gay more or so not even in to me that way.  I wish he did but oh well just have to wait for the right person to come around still but that could take forever and you only live once right so why not go for it. And I totally will, maybe. Let’s start off slow then make our way up for the prize. 😉


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