Day 19


Maybe I should start drinking more water though it makes me gag and I don’t know why maybe because I’m not used to drinking it. I have a thing I can put in my water to make it more drinkable but it just isn’t the same, can I use juice and just water it down will that work? I really want to start losing weight but It’s so hard the gym is expensive when you have a tight budget and when your crazy busy it’s hard to exercise even at home. I just wish I had magical powers and be a healthy weight but I don’t and I’m not but I’m not as big as some people (no offense) I have a higher chance of losing this poundage fast if I really work on it but I  have to start small and work my way up and I’m really thinking NOW IS THE TIME!!! So starting Monday next week I will be blogging about my new challenge and trying new things such as getting rid of coffee and going with tea and trying to eat two- three times a day (since I only eat once or twice if that) and I will start drinking a bit more water but first I’ll use juice and water it down way down to a water taste. Then when I have some free time I’ll do some dancing at home cardio is better for weight loss than nothing at all, right?? any tips or ideas?



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  1. Have you tried water with lemon and cucumber. I drink a gallon of that everyday and I love it


  2. No I have not I will try that some time thank you


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