Day 22 && 23

A Goodnight just to say Hello again!! This day was quite event full, first I had to work which I thought flew by and then I went shopping. Yes the day was pay day and black Friday so I went out with my 2 friends and took a stroll in the malls. Hitting up a couple of places I wanted to go first then heading threw more later during the evening. Instead of buying food or junk food or other non useable items (other than my bills) I bought some clothes and expensive ones too but there were sales so I got quite a good amount for cheep. Then I bought wine for Sunday which is almost here by the way. and now its time to relax and get some well desired sleep I’ve been needing lately, especially after today my feet hurt like a M*****  F*****!!!!! YES,SLEEP TIME!! Since this is today’s/yesterday & today/tomorrow’s blog I won’t be on until Sunday so have a good one! 🙂 It is now The 23rd day of November 2013, good bye November 22nd. until next year 🙂


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