Days 24,25,26,27,28,29 & 30

Wow,it’s been six whole days since I’ve written in my blog not good,not good at all! Well so much for doing NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo guess I’ll have to do it next year because I know this doesn’t count you’re supposed to write everyday but I haven’t been doing that what so ever.  I’ve just been so damn busy with work I haven’t even wrote any moe of my book I’m writing I also haven’t  read any books latley.

I started reading a book about gangs which my aunty’s friend wrote based on a true story. Based right here in Winnipeg Manitoba. It’s the 5th time I’m reading it because  it’s so good and so true and since Winnipeg is my home town and gang life still evolves here and other places I know exactly where the places are in the area. This book has been one of my most favirotes latley I had it once then I lent it to an old friend who lost it so I had to wait to rebuy it which I have it now.

In this whole six day time frame I have gained the courage to talk to some of my exes from BC , 2 to be exact I don’t want to be one of those people who never forgive anyone and hold a grudge for so, long because in reality I’m not like that and I know I don’t fel the same way as I once did before. So adding them and talking to them were totally thought through and I don’t regret anything not for dating them not for hating them and not for re speaking with them. I became confident engough to forgive them and myself which most people cannot do but I decided that I needed to let it go even if they don’t this way I could feel better and move on in life.

Remember how I explained I was crushing on one of my supervisours at work, well he now is an ex supervisour. Yes thats right he no longer works here which is sort of sad but it makes me less nervous about work now since he’s gone but I sort of miss his rudeness. I got enough courage to send him a message and when I did all I said was his name with a question mark which I guess seems weird but hey it’s better than not doing it at all or saying something completley stupid like ”are you single?”. I decided if I want something to happen I gotta make it happen and you only live once right so take it while you can and I did. I was so nervous but isn’t that a good thing being nervous I mean how else would you know if your doing the right thing or not he hasn’t replied which I don’t mind if he even does or not I just wanted to get it over with so I could feel less pressure and less what if’s.

He wasn’t the first one I got the courage to talk to I had sent an email asking D if he’d date someone like me not because I was desperate but because I did like him once and we did have a some what good relationship but I just wanted to get a clarified answer even though I know he wouldn’t. But hell you only live once right, so I just did it so I know I atleast tried. This week has just been really busy for me and so I haven’t had time to write in here and now I do, well I’m at work typing this better be careful don’t want to get caught. Well that’s it for today peeps talk to ya’ll later… 🙂



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