December First Twenty-Thirteen



Today Is December first the count down to Christmas and new years eve is on time to start decorating and celebrating because tis the season to do so. We have the snow to match the weather  we also have the songs to match the season but we don’t have the spirit not yet anyways, the holiday has changed a lot over the years most people think it’s the time for spending money and shopping, eating and playing but is it really is this what this holiday has become just a greedy thing I think not I still believe in the joy it’s about giving and being close to loved ones even if there are no gifts involved I’d rather be broke as long as I’m still surrounded with loved ones family and friends. I love to sing carols and watch holiday movies, put up the tree and decorate,  cuddle up on the couch with hot chocolate and watch the snow fall, going to bed so Santa could come then wake up and  say hello to family I haven’t seen in what has felt like forever gather around to eat a big breakfast and then dinner later. Sure presents were still presents involved but it was nice to just have one not a whole lot and I’d rather get homemade gifts not brand new expensive ones, play in the snow making snow angels and snow men, sometimes even forts. watching  the birds and geese fly south in the sky. All of those things have been forgotten because the generation is all about consumption and greediness ” get this, get that”, “I want this I want that” and if they don’t get what they want they will be upset like really what has this world come to be generous and thankful there are people who don’t even se things like that or have food like this. I’d rather give a turkey to the homeless than receive a laptop or a frikken $200.00 purse or ring. This is the season to be happy and celebrate have fun and sure maybe have some eggnog and rum or a feast not become broke for shit you bought at ikea. This is the shit that’s been on my mind now my rant is over HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE, enjoy it like you’re supposed to and have a SAFE NEW YEAR!


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