Love a little miss a lot!!!

December flurries bring me to the coffee shop sitting alone until the snow stops. winter wonderlands and big snowman, skating and shoveling all around. I notice her standing there with ice on her hair, a nose so red it could pass for Rudolph’s. A horn blows in her direction but nothing moves not even complexion, I begin to walk towards her in slow motion then my heart races and I’m becoming nervous. Three more steps and I’ll be near her winter brings such a miracle, I can see it now holding her hand and dancing to the beat slowly and swiftly across the dance floor, eyes meet like it was the first time either of us had found love the spark pulls us closer for a kiss. mistletoe and garland, feathers and trees nothing is more peaceful than the stars above us. Glowing and shining they all stay still while we lay there holding each other close to hide the chill.

Years pass and time finally comes three beautiful pink headed children dance upon our presence with laughter and joy, still holding hands I can feel her smile throughout her body, a light laugh sends shockwaves to my heart warmth and gravity are all part of art. when you love a little you miss a lot, you blink and life speeds by like a bird chasing a butterfly. as I lay here beside her peacefully old cuddling until her heart skips a beat counting down the moments we once would keep, a single tear drops to the already soaked white pillow as my hands close over hers and I hum her favorite melody, this time I know she’ll be safer with out me her body lies still and I breathe in and out today is our anniversary and now her date of death. Forever more she will be safe and loved deep down my heart would sink only to rise when we meet again like the cold days of December, when we first met.


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