Dying In Space

You can see the earth from a million miles away while your floating like a balloon just drifting away, the silence is peacefull never heard anything like it until now, the darkness swallows you whole while you just watch the stars sparkle like they haven’t even moved before, the cold  becomes tolerable and the air becomes denser, your space suite can’t hold your tears but why are you crying there’s nothing left to fear, living in spcae eating nothing but bread, canned foods and astronaught bevrages floating on thin air while trying to sleep and working  on the shuttle are all the same everyday. Nothing but distance between you and earth, the place you once called home, only a few friends to chat with and become close to, flying comets and astroids pass your shuttle missing you by just a few inches, the trembling thought of almost getting blown apart by one of the biggest fire coverd rocks you have ever seen then floating clore and closer to the sun still a thousand miles away you can feel the scortching heat almost reaching your face and landing on the moon will be once again your biggest acomplishment since you’ve been alive but how would you choose to live your life once your journey has ended? Stay in the air watching the world turn and feeling gravity disapear after every step you take on the moon, or feel gravity tug at your weight and walk agin on solid ground?

Dying in space would be so profound and peaceful I’d love to die there just floating away and watching the earth rotate while sitting in silence sure is better than getting shot, stabbed hit by a car or dying on earth if you die in space it will be beautiful watching the stars almost touching them or walking on the moon decades away from the blasting sun and then I seen the movie gravity with sandra bulock and that’s when I realized space would be amazing to die in until shit starts happening….astroids flying at you on fire, shuttles blowing up or  you run out of oxygen sufficationg an freezing because it’s bloody cold up in space, man I did not realize the pros and cons that it’d have before dying in space…!

Meh Ill still die in space oneday 🙂


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