Feeling Loved <3

The other day at work I was having a really good day, a bit stressed from some callers but other wise good day. I started at 7am and worked until 3pm that day so I was at work early and my supervisor was there of course because he’s the opener at 6:45am so  I had fun talking with him and my friends that worked at 7 as well.  The day usually starts off slow and gradually gets busier throughout the day like most places but that particular morning it was a bit sped up because it was Dec 31st 2013, the last day of the year, new years eve to be exact and people wanted to make their year end donations. So the day was somewhat busy, I had my friends working with me and I was in a good mood to top it off. Later that day as my shift was ending one of my bosses complimented me, which in a way surprised me but it literally made my day even better. ” Hello Kayla, how are you?” she asked with a big smile and pronouncing my name wrong but in that moment that little error didn’t matter what mattered was what she said after wards “Are you losing weight? or something, I don’t know something’s different good different though, maybe it’s your aura.” Oh my goodness did she just ask me if I was losing weight, I blushed and took the compliment like a lady and felt really good “Thank you, I’m not sure maybe I am but thank you very much.” I said smiling from ear to ear and what made me more nervously happy was that my supervisor was sitting right there and he just smiled while not paying attention. whether it was at me o the compliment or whatever it made me truly genuine. “you’ve been looking better and more comfortable since you started here and since what happened last time” she mentioned as I was putting my things away “thanks” I replied again with a smile “you’re welcome” were her last words before I had left the floor. I felt so great I couldn’t help but keep smiling all the way home. The funny thing is I wasn’t sure if I was losing weight for real but I felt like it and I’m also starting to feel good about my body the way I am anyways which is good in case I don’t end up losing all the weight I’ll have a sense of finding and love because they say you cannot love with out loving yourself first and I believe that is true and I’m slowly on my way to that discovery. So far 2014 has been doing great and I can’t wait for the other 363 days to come.


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