I’m Dancin’ to the sound, My words in the Ground <3

One of my favorite celebs of 2013 would have to be Miley Cyrus, me being Bisexual and all I mean I liked her before as Hannah Montana once maybe, but she’s grown up in her own way. I was so judgemental on the things she was doing but then once she cut her hair and came out this punk rock selfie I felt  an new feeling she was fucking hot, Personally she looks like she found her aura. She’s pretty hot, the way she is now and now she doesn’t look like no Disney princess. She looks happy though the tabloids speak otherwise, I mean she didn’t have to do all the things to get noticed and now I think what ever its her life not mine but at least she knows what she’s doing, a lot of people like to judge but then look at our lives we are no better everyone has mistakes and this is how we learn and if you all think she’s making a mistake then that’s hers to make not yours. I honestly could careless about what she does with her life but I don’t dislike her because of it, in fact it will only make her wiser and stronger. There’s always going to be haters in life for everyone but no one has the right to judge your life except you live it how you want because it’s only you who’s satisfied.. 🙂


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