Temptation <3

Tonight is a delicious night,  Ten o’clock on the dot

meeting him after all these months, trying not to get caught.

Sexual desires higher than most but for some reason there’s a private host.

Midnight temptations rise above the hour finding me in its darkest tower

Candles are lit, red pedals are throw, but nothing matches my evening gown

Cologne and wine fill the air while his hands fall perfectly though my hair.

Silence is skin deep but love is deeper nothing gets me going like his jukebox tipper

The swaying of the record smoothly on its surface, spinning in circles so no one notices

A saxophone and a harp, strawberries and art this night is more than admired

Dancing all night in the dark, hands around my waist like no escape,

Kisses so full of passion, a hot and heavy attraction.

Sex and desire near the fire, nothing more amusing than following your heart

But what the head doesn’t know is that your already coming back for more.



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