Dating Online

The thought of this isnt very suttle, I never would have thought online dating would be my option, to be honest I never thought it was even possible to have an online long distance relationship. When I tell people this most look at me like I’m crazy and ask me how I can do it. “are’t you lonley?” “Ho can you trust them from so far away?” well to be honest I wasn’t quite sure on how to answer those because I used to be the one asking them. 70 percent of the people I used to know who have dated online said it would never have worked with out communication, which is true in any relationship communication is key but with online dating it’ so much harder not only do you have to worry about communication but you also have a diffrent kind trust for they are so far away you never know if they are being honest with you or not. I find it ok as long as you have communitcation and honestly it’s your choice to trust them or not, I personally told my boyfriend he can do what he pleases since he has needs, just as I do but myself personally I wont do anything because I am loyal to the end needs or not it’s just the way I am. I told him that if he needs to fix his needs to just let know so he isnt lying or hiding anything from me. see being along distance relationship is not as hard as most  poeple say but there is a diffrence between online and physical relationship, just like an online dating compared to catfish. Catfish is dating some one you never met before online but then theres just online dating which is dating someone you know personally who just lives far away. There’s nothing wong with dating online but communication and trust are the top two things you need to keep in mind while dating anyone online or not. if you can’t trust them or have a bad feeling break it off bu otherwise there should be no problems as long as you have communication. What are your thoughts on online dating and how do you know if it will work or not with out trying?


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