James Dean is My Music <3

This month is going well for me, it started  in the month of December 2013 my work had this huge fundraising contest and I was new, I’ve now been there about 6 almost 7 months, man did I screw up, a lot, in July and the first few months  but then, I pulled myself together, paid attention I asked for help, became more confident  and then found out I was one of the top 10 fundraisers along with a couple of co-workers I am friend’s with. I however, was number ten so was the lowest but that didn’t matter I still made top 10 list, I felt amazing. Just before that one of my then bosses complimented me, which I previously wrote about  in a previous blog.  I was feeling good, looking good and happy with some comments here and there. I was new and I fucked up a lot how did I make this list I thought, then HR the hear resource bosses, said to 4 people with average QA score of 86 % and an attendance of 100% will be winners along with the highest donation.  The prizes, 1st place 100 master card and a framed certificate with your name and achievement, 2nd place $75 master card  and a  framed certificate, then $50 for 3rd and then  $25 for 4th, both along with a framed certificate as well. I found out that I was one of the winners but I wasn’t sure what one, here I’m thinking 3rd or 4th place not bad though I was still a winner either way. it made me feel good inside and out I felt like I was good at something at work from being a screw up and now a winner now that’s confidence and achievement all in one, then I started dating a guy I really like in December as well so that might have been one reason I’m also more confident in myself personally. month 2024 January I felt great too into 2014 feeling good starting new and fresh good feeling about this year, I want to move I’m looking into saving and now maybe with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. Also getting extensions and I’ve been going for mature wine dinners at a friend from works she makes dinner me and some coworkers bring wine. I feel great, grown up and ready to leave the nest.

So speaking of wine I’ve done that three times already the first time I went to my friends she made me dinner I bought wine, it was only two of us, the second time was just recently it was her I and another co-worker t up with her and our co-worker friend was still working till 3 so we met up had wine and made dinner then the girl from work came over just on time for dinner but no wine. They are fun times I had one last night she made me dinner with a new friend from work and we had a late night dinner and wine it was fun sure as hell better than going to the bar or club. dinner wine and talking like sex and the city Now I’m excited for the 1st of Feb, we are going to the bar for dinner and drinks with a gay guy from work he’s hilarious. I have a great feeling about 2014 🙂  Now my friend from work, who makes the dinner, she introduced me to Lana Del Rey’s music. HOLY shit so great… her voice is like a sexy Marilyn Monroe/chick version of Johnny cash, her voice is jazzy, sexy smooth and oh so slow. It has a harp melody to it that I was instantly hooked on I really like all types of music from 50’s and hip hop, jazzy, blues, country rock rap etc. I am just a music person for not that being the only reason, I am a writer as well so I mentally can pick apart a song and maybe write a piece of my own on it or what their thoughts are but recently Lorde and Lana Del Rey are super jazzy and vocally strong, but this is just my opinion for you all have your own but please share your thoughts or comments on your type of music style and what the 2 top artists are on your music list of 2014


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