My Top favorite Musical Artists of 2014 so Far on my Music Watchlist!

So lately, I’ve been in to cultural music and really chill tunes, I told myself that I have to be open more and try new things. Start to take up new hobbies and also get out more, this has a big part of becoming more confident with myself, 2014 is my year I had a great feeling when I entered it. Right now I have a really good set of artists on my music list some of which you might disagree but that’s fine we all have our opinions and this is mine.  Ed Sheeran, Hedley, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, along with One Direction, and Selena Gomez. Personally I have a huge interest in music for we all do but lately these are the top 6 of 10 musical artists of the century, and so far of 2014. To name a couple of my favorite songs from some of the artists, Hedley’s wild life, Ed Sheeran’s Kiss me, Lana Del Rey and her song Blue Jeans, following Lorde and Royals, then there’s Selena and her song Come & Get it, one direction story of my life and ton more I just love how unique the voices and sounds play out with the lyrics.

If you sit here and close your eye’s and just listen with an open mind you might  just enjoy the songs as well, no need to be into the artist fully but once I got a listen I was hooked because I love the uniqueness every artist brings and how chill it can be. I love all types and genres of music I can go from loving pop, to country, to rock, to jazz, to techno, dance and from rap as well. I also am a writer I have the ability to pick a part the song away from the beat of the music and also feel the lyrics written between the lines, and that’s what inspires  me.  So once I realized my new 2014 list I became very excited to really download more of the artist’s music honestly, my life is like it’s on an adventure with this year I want to be more involved with writing, understanding art, and photography, going to music festivals, trying new things such as pottery sculpting and other things.

These are all a new part of my interests of 2014 and I’m going to try my hardest to do them all on my list. whats your 2014 Musical 10 Artists and name one song from the 1st 6 Artists?


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