Sex with a Virgin

Is it true guys prefer non virgins when having sex or does it not matter as long as they get laid? I mean being a guy and losing his virginity is easy as 1 2 3 but being a girl and losing her virginity is a big step and most of the time alot harder than you’d expect. I’ve heard many diffrent answers but most of them don’t add up. I’m sure if your a virgin and wanted to have sex you could its just the matter of when where and how. I am always asked this question “do guys like virgins or not?” to be honest I’m not quite sure I know some don’t and some do but in reality¬† its the same as asking “do girls like virgins or non virgins?” I mean sure most of us want someone who’s experienced in that area but to be honest I dont think it really matters we were all once virgins and we knew how it felt when we wanted to lose ours but the key point is does it really matter? the way I see it is if your a virgin your best bet would be to find another virgin and both lose it but there is the chance you can lose it to someone whos not and in my case thats what I’d want for the other but then we all get clamed up and start to think what if we suck in bed or what if we screwup honestly it’s your first time theres bound to be screwups but practice makes perfect and really it’s just sex not like its a talent or career we need. My point here is that whether your a virgin or not you shouldnt be afriad to have sex with some one who is or isnt because in the end we all have sex and we all get better.


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