20 Facts You Now Know About Me

Why I feel like posting this I have no Idea I like the Idea of sharing they aren’t very personal anyway so why not I also love meeting people with the same interests and facts it’s a great way to learn.

1. I love grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup

2. I bite my nails, a bad habit I still haven’t kicked

3.  I was born originally with dirt blonde hair, I dye it to much to notice

4. I’m terrified of clowns, you never know who’s in the costume man

5. I saved my uncles life from an almost suicide

6.I used to self mutilate by cutting and self medicate with pot

7. I hate most seafood, I recently like shrimp

8. Marilyn Monroe is my Idol, confidence is key

9. I am Bisexual, my first real love was a girl

10. I have a little pink  birth mark on my right foot in the arch

11. I love all types and genres of music and book and movies

12. I am a writer/poet

13. I have a glass alcohol and perfume bottle collection

14. Coffee is my drug of choice along with Iced coffee

15. I love playing BINGO I always go with my grandma

16. I am a Capricorn and a December winter baby, 3 days before the 25th

17. I hate sports

18. I love tattoo’s and piercings

19. I’m very organized and picky

20.  I am open minded never judgemental to anyone

there you go you know 20 fact of me you never knew before. Have a good day bloggers 🙂







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