“When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?”

We all know Carrie Bradshaw, the New Yorker who’s sex life is the world’s best friend, the confident women every female dreams to be like, almost as famous as Marilyn Monroe, except more of a sex guru. I’m not going to lie Sarah Jessica Parker played a very Idolizing role in that series most of us women watched due to the over seen generation lifestyle of sex, love and fashion. I personally never really liked Sex and the city until just recently, why I have no idea I’m just more mature I think what got me hooked was the writing concept behind carrier’s voice. She was a writer, I personally fell in love with her blogging it became like an advice/inspirational concept to me. Carrie Bradshaw being a fictional character who was based on the true life story of Candace Brunshell. I now want to be the best blogger like Carrie for I am now on a journey. this spring and summer of 2014 it’s time for me to get out of my shell and be the mind of carrie bradshaw as my own self.








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