Things My Friends & I Speak Of….

It was Wednesday February 26th, the weather was a high of -36 with the wind chill -40 and I still met my best friend for coffee. Living in Central Canada the weather is the coldest it’s ever been being colder than Mars in Winnipeg. Yet Trisha and I still went for coffee at Tim Horton’s for our morning ritual, we met on the bus and went downtown; the bus of course, was packed to the tip and we stood there holding to the yellow and silver poles looking like unbalanced idiots trying not to fall. I asked Trisha how she was and though I could barley hear her I tried to look somewhat invested but she could tell I couldn’t so she just waited till we got off. It didn’t take long before we were inline getting some fresh bagels and coffee, I got a Large triple triple and she got a medium, 2 bagels with herb and garlic cream cheese.  Tim’s was semi-packed that morning and most were people working in the area on lunch.

Sitting in the MTS Center where the Winnipeg Jets play every season and where other fellow Canadian hockey players visit to compete in our national sport. it was quiet, sitting by the window looking at cold people wandering the streets we began to chat. I told her that I had Tried tampons for the first time and that I made a mistake of trying my mom’s always super absorbent plus sized, man what a mistake because 8 hours later when you need to change it I felt like it was stuck. She started laughing so hard her face turned red and I did as well then I explained how I tried a regular one that morning we hung out.  Some how of course one conversation turned into another and we were talking about shaving and waxing areas and then back to using tampons and pads and how she never knew how to use them I told her neither did I until yesterday, the funny thin about this whole conversation was the fact we were still sitting inside Tim’s with a whole load of people around us. Get this two young women drinking coffee talking about sex, feminine products and other things while in a crowd of people, though no one was paying attention I bet they can hear everything we are saying due to the fact of this place being so small and open ended I honestly didn’t care I mean we are all human we all have these inquiries at some point in life right?

For heavens sake I’m nineteen years old and a female for crying out loud I NEED to talk about these types of things and who better to speak with than your best friend, I  have my mom and others but we all know how awkward that can get so the way I learn is by research and questions. I go online, I read in magazines such as cosmopolitan and I learn watching T.V. and then my friends and I discus everything. I’m nineteen my 2 best friends are both age twenty and somehow I still know way more then they do. I guess every one will learn some way or another however they do is up to them either way they will know eventually I just decided I want to know now so I’m not confused in the future.


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