Does He Pay or Do I??

So the other day I was at work in my new training class with a couple of co-workers, we had this new account we needed to learn which honestly I have no Idea why we already know so many but anyhow I had asked one of my friends a simple yet very serious question. She immediately laughed and said “no way” I was kind of laughing too then my other friend joined into the conversation already knowing form the day before. The question I now had everyone in on was “if a girl asks the guy out do she pay or does he?” My friend Lajamica said that she things the girl would pay just because she asked, but my friend Ignacia was the one who said no but then asked if why. That wasn’t the point I just wanted a simple answer and it turned into a full blown conversation between my colleges and I, don’t get me wrong it was funny and they all had advice for me Ignacia was the one who had said no because she thinks a guy should pay either way then Lajamica said yes because I asked him then we asked this really cute guy that was in our class which non of us knew due to him being new he said the guy should offer to pay ether way however if she’ col with paying then He’d let her but he will try to pay first.

I personally didn’t know at that moment not that I don’t appreciate the advice it’s just to much at once but I found it good because I know had the balls to ask him then I asked a couple more people for advice one was my new lead supervisor Stavros who then said a guy should always pay no matter what but I wasn’t satisfied yet so I went to the next source, because I knew he was a douche but he had his moments where he was nice to me, I feel like his little sister at times just because of the relationship we have at work. So when I asked him today he said that you always bring money on a date a guy should pay but a girl can pay too, however who ever gets the bill first shouldn’t matter when it comes to that just always bring money for a date. at that moment I felt content and knew exactly how it should work. I mean really it’s not the 50’s anymore women have rights but there are certain things a guy should still invite to the table for romance, but for dates I feel in my way a girl who asks the guy should pay unless he offers but if a guys ask the girl let him pay there might be the time when you both split the bill but that’s ok hello it’s now the 21st century. 😉


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