Winter Again,Welcome To Winnipeg Where This Is Nothing New To Us….!

More snow, Like we really need any of this shit, but that’s nothing new with Winnipeg, it either snows and then is nice or it’s fucking cold and is just super sunny out, yep that’s how our winters work. Minus -30 with -45 wind chill on top then -5 wind chill minus -8 the next. It never ends, we’re smack down in the middle of Canada faded prairie hills and flat lands dividing us from the rest of Canada. This weather doesn’t stop us we have at least 20 feet of snow and we STILL go to work and school, them bitches in the USA freak with 2feet and only -10 weather, schools shut down and people complain. I laugh because I work for the Salvation Army National call center and most of our calls are USA and when thy complain I tell them then don’t come to Winnipeg you’ll miss your weather for sure that usually shuts them up. Winter of 2013-2014 has been our coldest winter for a while, and I still walk around with a fucking goddamn Slurpee from 7-11 or an ice cap from Tim’s, that’s a true Winnipegger/ Canadian. So I say shaddap you whiners until you come here to Winnipeg for a vacation…..that’s my rant for the day. Other than that my day was great I went for coffee with the bestie and then we walked around in the skywalk malls and got some good laughs in all while enjoying our nice weather while it lasts.


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