Obviously You Don’t Get The Point Of Growing Up!!!

So the other day I had a argument with my best friend over something really stupid, I mean really it wasn’t that big of a deal but she just doesn’t understand my point of view. It all started when I was explaining why I prefer to go to a bar instead of a club, I told her that I wanted to just have a few drinks and have a good time with out getting shitfaced and dancing at a club where there are a bunch of drunk people who are loud and obnoxiously wasted out of their minds. I told her that getting drunk bores me and she got confused, then I tried explaining what I meant by that. I told her that I’m at that age where I prefer to just have a few drinks and chat with friends at a bar and maybe eat as well instead of going to a club.

Yeah I know I’m still young and I’m only 19 and that’s the age where I should be partying. Once I turned 18 I was so stoked to go to the club and get wasted thinking I’d be like that for a couple years so  I did go and I did get drunk more than once but after a while I got pretty bored of it, I mean the clubs just become loud, you spend to much money and once your drunk if not already you do nothing but pee and wobble around like your lost and you either loose stuff or end up doing something stupid. I had a few moments while I was drunk that I never knew could happen for real life because I’ve only seen it in movies, for example I chipped a tooth at a house party when I was 17, then I blacked out on the dance floor when I was 18 halfway through a good song and I fell like sand to the ground and couldn’t remember what had happened, then I made out with a random stranger all under the influence sure it was fun at the time but now that I look back I come to regret most of those things but hey you live and you learn right? I’m not much of an age difference from my friends who still like to party, however, mentally I am more mature than most of them.

Being 19 and realizing that I’m mentally more mature/older than I am physically I decided I want to improve and act mature as well which includes my physical appearance, and honestly I’m kind of over the clubbing scene anyway so I tried to explain to my best friend that I didn’t want to go to the club and get drunk because it bores me and she was really rude about my opinion. This really pissed me off she obviously doesn’t get my point I just don’t want to drink and party anymore I’m at the age where I want to grow up, I never said I wasn’t going to drink I just don’t want to be immature and get shitfaced. I prefer to have a few drinks, save money and just hang out I never said she had to stop clubbing or anything I just want to grow up and I feel like it’s time for me to do so and to do that I’m starting with my actions and lifestyle. She’s 20, a year older than I am and yet I act way more mature than her, I hang out with people older than me, I pay bills, I work and I’m trying to find a stable relationship and she’s just the complete opposite.

I’ve been mentally mature since the age of 13 I’ve always had older friends and once I became sober from past demons I became more aware of what I wanted in life, I’ve grown up a lot and she hasn’t in fact I think she’s just become more immature as the years pass, when she drinks she’s a rude bitch and I can’t stand her at times because how different our point of views are and I always try to keep an open mind about everything but she is very different and judgmental it’s becoming to much I don’t need people like that in my life but she’s my best friend I don’t want to lose her but if this stays the way it is I’ll have to cut ties with her because I can’t continue to grow up when she just continues to be immature.



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  1. I’ve had friends like those. The worst part about having these kind of friends is that you wish to end it with them and you just don’t know how because you don’t wanna hurt them…


  2. Ik and it’s not like I really want to because shes my bestie it’s just to much sometimes


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