One Priority Down, One To Go….Keep Busy With It!!!

It’s been almost a month since I’ve written on here and fuck has it felt like forever so much has happened, well not for anyone but myself of course either way it’s been a while. Like always I’ve been busy with work if not work either sleep or ,catching up with friends and family you might think I haven’t been writing but I have, In fact I have started a new project. A short story, this project goes beyond a new level for me because of course I am a writer I write anything that comes to mind though isn’t that the best part of being a writer doing what you love and doing it how you want it, exactly. So I recently started writing again and this time what started to be something I was going to post in this blog became more of a mini project to get me back on the track of writing, I ended up continuing it into a short story idea with the help of a co-worker. I’m not going to lie once I got more into the  story and after reading what my co-worker sent me for his half I became more goal oriented, I also began to  notice that what we were writing was good however very R rated and not so much for this type of blog for there can be children on here as well because so far my story became to explicit for certain eyes and age groups. This is when I decided to take it down and just make it into a short story. My story is based in the state of New York  where my character is a high ranking top model signer by day and an entrepreneur under ground bar owner by night, he is a man whore who is into all types of chicks but is mostly into chubby chicks, it explains how his sex life and working life are totally different personalities. I being a girl and writing in a mans perspective is a bit hard however I somewhat understand it for I am bisexual and like chicks myself so in a way it helps.

Work has been going good, been on late night shifts and chilling with some pretty cool people at work and I’m writing again but this time I’m ready to succeed and this short story, thought it might not get published, is going to be the first thing other than my poetry that I have completed and this will be the very first one I will let people above the age f 18 read. I talk about it all the time how I am a writer and tons of people believe it or not, actually  want to read my writing this makes me amazed and gratefully happy.I am super focused on this mini project to be completed and on its way to being seen. It will only been about ten to fifteen pages long so I hope it works out, I’m sure it will and plus who needs to write to please anyone but themselves really, thought I do enjoy an audience. Wish me luck 🙂


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