Still Not Spring Yet!!!

Sunday April 6th and it’s still not spring break for us Winnipeggers, by now we’d have at least a bit of grass showing and maybe even some fucking leaves on the trees but not this year not yet at least. I swear this winter has felt like a life time already it could’ve been the beginning of the ice age of the century if it really wanted to but it’s not. Watching the news and seeing all these other places such as British Columbia, California, New York etc., makes me so jealous about the weather but living here my whole life and already knowing this is how Winnipeg is I can’t help but laugh at myself and the others who complain. Before the winter came summer of 2013 went pretty fast for it was the second summer out of high school once I graduated in 2012 but my god once the winter came it felt as if it would never end and yet it hasn’t we are still suffering form the ice and white blanket of crystals laying everywhere. The only thing that is finally here is the nicer spring weather which is slowly melting the snow away.


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