Being Bisexual & Crushing On These Females…

One of the best things bout being bisexual is that I like chicks and I’m ok with that though its no ones business but if someone asks I admit to it. I’m not a shamed I like to keep private though because to many people like to say things friends and family become hard to read and they love you but just don’t understand. I like guys I do I would marry a guy though I never thought of marring a girl not ever until I fell in love with my ex. She was amazing but I had issues I wasn’t ok with myself fully yet to let her love me and she was also childish t times she broke my heart and I let it heal with in the healing I found myself and I changed I got better mentally and physically.  I also noticed how much more I like chicks. Its hot I’m  not going to lie but I like guys too. And lately I’ve been chatting with this nice girl she’s a bigger girl but cute and I kind of want to take her out but haven’t had the money when I get my taxes though I will. I have a celebrity crush on a few chicks and I’ll name them every day.

Today I’ll start with Shakira. Oh ma she’s fucking sexy I mean I recently saw her video with Rihanna and then Empire and I was thrilled she looked good sounded good and almost turned  me on.  I was attracted to her wildness from day one but now I admit it. I would so love to go down on her someday. If that doesn’t turn you on then I don’t know who you are








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