This Is The Shit Thats Been On My Mind…..

Happy Easter & Happy 4:20 to all those who celebrate that shit. As I do however I cannot be there today for I am stuck here at work, oh fucking well ENJOY anyway I already had my hoot for the day. Yes I am back to smoking pot but honestly who cares I already stopped once I know I can do it again but the way I see life is your going to die anyways so might as well spend the remaining days the way you want living the way you want. I will.  So it’s been a few days since I’ve written on here and again I am sorry not to just myself and this wonderful blog I have but to all my dear followers I graciously have on here for I see all these other posts and yet I haven’t written shit all but here I am sitting at work bored and really needing something to do and I though hey why not write on this damn page for I have the whole fucking day to do it so I am. The last time I wrote on here I said I was writing something that was only going to be short and hopefully done within the month, well people I made my word stick and this time thought it’s only thirteen pages of rated R writing I finally finished.  Yes I wrote a short story and by short I mean thirteen pages and no chapters, so far I showed a couple of co-workers and they love it. this makes me super happy. The only thing is I need to start doing other things such as essays and shit. My poetry is coming along well I typed over two hundred up and still have tons to go, I also printed a few and edited them which I can keep doing until I’m all done each and every poem this way I have them all ready to get published when that day comes. I also have to edit my short story and finish my other books I am writing.

I have been so bored lately which is a first since the last time I wrote on here where I was too busy with work now its the complete opposite in fact work has been so dead a few of my shifts have been canceled and I’ve had more than one day off which really sucks because I need the hours for I need the money, I understand my work cant help it with low call volume and all but it really sucks especially if they hired new people within the recent two months. So things at home have been going ok I guess I mean as good as they can be I’m sure it could be better though but who knows with my parents….fuck oh well.  My god this year is already going by so fast for it will already be may soon and believe it or not we just got our spring as of last week and god does it feel good to have weather like this again. it has been almost eight months of winter and it was our coldest one in thirty five years which not to speak of was colder than mars. That has to say something because living in Winnipeg my whole life and I’ve never seen it that cold before, let’s hope next winter isn’t as cold as this. So remember when I  was doing the whole online dating thing well there’s two different ways you can do that one is where your dating someone you once knew and already met and are in a long distance relationship and the second is where you make an online profile and connect with people who you might be interested in or who are interested in you, that one my friends usually leads you to a bunch of fakes, creeps or just a bunch of people trying to get laid, not that I don’t want that but I’m not going to just sleep around with some random fucked up stranger who may or may not end up as your stalker, hell to the no I’m smarter than that I’ve seen catfish I know the signs. Anyways back to the point I tried the whole online dating thing and yes I’ve tried both however I only succeeded at least once, well I guess I can’t say that because I haven’t made the move to ask her out yet but I am going to once I get my taxes.

I’ve been talking with her for a while now however I haven’t met her yet she is a year younger than I but it doesn’t really bother me much for I usually go for older people mostly guys but her age for some reason is ok with me. She’s a bit of a bigger girl she is really pretty and cool to talk to and I want to ask her out soon. I like being bisexual and then there are days where I don’t only because of haters and what people say about us. So me being BI isn’t really anyone’s business unless they ask, I mean it’s not there life so they can’t judge me for who and what I like, just like I can’t judge them for theirs, yet most do anyways. So I’m sitting here bored as fuck doing shit all at work where I’ve been available in my UCN for about a good 30 minutes already then I got one, two three calls and now I’m sitting here again for the last twelve minutes. I have a book which I’ve been reading called I hope they serve beer in hell by Tucker Max who is now a lawyer and who has written four books about how he was a stupid rude ass drunken college student always having sex with random strangers while intoxicated. You’d think his friends would be the same but they aren’t in fact they are pretty stupid and nerdy the total opposite of him, it’s hilariously good. I’m on page one hundred fourteen and fuck I sit here and burst out laughing at the most random shit he does and says while my co-workers and friends look at me funny like I’m high on something other than Marijuana. But the thing is I’m not, I don’t get high wile at work or anything thought I guess I could because I work at a call center but still I’m not that type of person.


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