His smile so bright the light was never enough to focus on, the laugh he laughed always so crinkly but cute, a noun we fall for every day became the last saving grace. Always making a decision to make others happy before he left for the day then rejoicing by the end of the night.  A cannon ball ready to let loose, music left the floor vibrations into his body flowing like the rivers outside. He would take a step closer to the doors of heaven closing his eyes embracing the gods powers and emerging into the invisible light. Cant get the words out of my head when he told me he loved me leaving me with a smile for eternity. Midnight clears through the fog leaving the trees still along the silent river bend, laying under the bridges of love he whispers to the gods.  Praying for what seemed like eternity he rolls over and holds me. A distant memory I was to blind to see. When the crow fell from the nest the dirt turned to liquid pulling him under. The asphalt turned to dust and blew away leaving me with another faded memory. His touch was smoother than the air not aggressive and oh so fair. I lay before the earth staring into the blinding sky watching the white clouds drift away like these cold and lonely days. Silence rolls over the land waiting to be found not far beneath the willow trees for now I have only these recent memories.


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