Good Friday Last Week, My Friday This Week Though…! Good Day!

Today was a good fucking day I woke up got paid and went to work in a good mood, I work with my mom at a call center which I have mentioned in previous posts and it’s funny because she used to work there before I did, quit then came back because she missed it. I honestly don’t mind we both are different people out side of home but today we went for breakfast shopping and the bank then sat together at work had some laughs and it went by fast. I love days like this where I am happy and in control and I wish everyday was like this but I’m also a bit sad the day flew by I work at 7am tomorrow no coffee what the fuck. I work before Tim Horton’s opens unless I get  ride but I wont I’m taking a bus but tomorrow should be ok I like weekends usually it’s pretty chill. The weathers been getting nicer and we feel spring arriving but is it already to late, summer will be here soon and the river is rising while snow still melts but I’m a true Winnipegger what’s’ that make you>?


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