Sunday May 18th 2014!!!!

Sitting here at work bored as fuck because there’s no calls in queue what so ever and there is complete silence, well not really because there are a few people chatting amongst themselves. It’s my first Sunday working in the last two weeks for I have been sick along with days off but honestly I don’t mind though my check will be quite small  on payday but who cares I don’t need a lot of things yet. So the last time I was on word press was April 26th almost a month, well almost, but since then I’ve finished a short story I wrote which is about thirteen pages long I also finished typing up my last couple of pages on my book I’m currently writing about my life this way once I decide to continue it will already be typed on the computer instead of opening a new document. I have over  two hundred poems typed up ready to get printed and hopefully published however I still have over a hundred to finish typing as well. I also have a short story I had put on hold recently for a while to catch up on other things but now that I’m in the writing muse again I have the need to finish it and I will, soon. I also have some great news when I came home from the hospital the other day I received  a call with a voice mail and later on an email directly from a publisher saying he would like to help me publish my stuff, that completely made my day I was in tears, my heart was racing like a horse. Once he called me a second time I had a twenty minute phone interview with him talking and explaining my stuff I have. of course because my poetry is my life writing is my life but poetry is what got me started and is what I will be using for my first published works however there’s a catch like usual, the publishing packages cost around six hundred to four thousand dollars  which I know is a bit expensive but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get started to put my work out in to this amazing world. Only problem I don’t have the money right now but I will, eventually but that’s ok right? this is the steps to getting noticed finally living your dream it takes money to earn money and so I will go along with it not that I will get published right away because some times it takes a few years especially if the packages are that much but hey most people can wait and I can too. I received my taxes got my nails done, got my lip re pierced (Monroe style) and got my hair color so I can do my hair soon all is well and I’m starting to feel really confident in my own skin which is awesome the only thing next is a boy or girl friend and maybe a bit of some weight loss and I’m good to go until then I’m gunna do me and that’s all I need really as long as I’m happy. Later Bloggers, I’m out.


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