Lately I’ve been planning to go on a trip alone, well with a friend because lets just say I’ve seen way to many movies to go anywhere alone let alone the province, anyways I have already been to BC before hell I’ve lived there for a year and a half I’ve also been to Alberta now so I kind of wanted to go West and see the other side of things, mostly Canada however I had been talking with my best friend in BC who I haven’t seen in years and I miss her last time I saw her was in grade 11 and now we are adults she has two kids and a fiancée things have changed but she’s still my wife, I decided to go to BC now there are so many years to come to visit other places  however I am thinking money wise it’s best to go there, First of all I know people at where I’m going I know the are and secondly I save money on spending for things I want instead of paying for a hotel I stay for free at my friends for two weeks I can catch up with old friends who all  now have families and kids of their own funny thing is I am the only one who doesn’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend let alone kids.  Things definitely will be different but its a good start the only thing I’m afraid of  is wanting to stay I know I wont because I cant and wont leave my grandparents or my brothers so I will again tear my heart out to leave that place after my stay is done this way I have time to fall back into reality. I also have to start saving for my writing I want to get published so I will do as it takes to get it done which means saving as fast as possible. So the other day I also found out my friend lost her virginity after two months of dating this guy that makes her super happy which is really good I haven’t met him yet but I’m pretty excited he seems like a nice guy I need to find some one soon I’ m getting lonely which is normal but this time I feel weird I am the only one out of my friends who have not met some one yet but I will I also have a date Friday maybe I’ll see how it goes.


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