Over The Last Few Weeks!!!!

Hello Fellow bloggers it’s me again yes I know it’s  been a while since I’ve been on again but hey what can I say I am a busy woman, or so I say. I have been dedicated to my writing recently over the last few weeks as I stated in previous blog posts, I recently finished up a short story about thirteen pages long  which is rated R 18+ only however, I began to write another short story not to long after that is only about 12 pages long and this one is for the audience of 13 years old and up. This one was a bit easier to write for I based it off things I already  knew mentally from the past situations and Ideas I had, this one has to do with a young girl dealing or trying to deal with her best friends suicide at the young age of thirteen, she is not used to being with anyone but herself and her best friend post death until she meets someone knew almost four years later. I really go into this one even more than the last because I know so much about other suicide stories and depression and the emotional out come it has on people not only who suffer but for people who are around the ones suffering, I hope this story really connects to the audience for I am trying to prove a different perspective on how the way suicide effect people daily. I am now done both of those short stories and currently finished a shorter short story only about two pages long this one is basically just a point a view on being homeless and knowing the differences of why being homeless isn’t a choice in mind but a lifestyle that is thrown at you under many circumstances. I plan to keep writing short stories because I love to experiment with my writing on different levels and forms, I have a short story about witches coming as well, for I had started writing but never finished in the long run due to other projects I had ongoing. I plan to try other genres and audiences as well in my future writing. Anyways other than the writing my life is going ok I guess honestly I have no idea what I can feel about the last few months other than mixed feelings. Lately I have just felt so left out and alone My friend who I’ve known my whole life has recently gotten her first boyfriend at the age of 26 and I truly am happy for her because when she talks about him she seems so happy and I love that however after only two months of dating they already say I love you and she lost her virginity to him, that’s ok I mean most people wait longer but I don’t know it depends on how it works out I guess. But he is a bit older by seven years, he has five children and is going through a divorce already for the last year and a half I think but other than that he seems like an alright guy I met him on Sunday when I went to gay pride with her, of course I had fun but I felt like the third wheel which sucks. Recently I have been feeling really left out though because before she and him started dating we would chill and talk all the time well not all the time but you know what I mean, but lately she has been spending all her time with him and I mean ALL her time. they talk they text and they hangout everyday, they even go to adult education together that’s how they met, it’s like she cant be bothered to stay away for a day and every time I call or text her to hang out she is always busy with him and I feel as if she doesn’t even want to hang out at all anymore and it sucks because she was like my best friend cousin by marriage really but I feel like I am alone and just dusted off I want her to be happy but I don’t want her to ditch me all the time I mean I don’t want to seem selfish but I don’t want to be friendless either like I don’t mind him its just nice to hang out with a friend along and not feel like a third wheel all the time I don’t know what to tell her with out sounding bitchy or selfish so what do I do how do I tell her this. or am I just being a bad friend I mean I’ve had boy friends in the past and I never ditched my friends in fact I ditched my boyfriend for them friends are so important to me that this situation really bothers me I know I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t want one right now well I do but too busy for one at the time but I don’t want to feel this way I don’t want to feel jealous or alone or even selfishly sad for this stupid issue but is it wrong for me to feel this way and what can I do to make her understand?


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