The feeling of numbness came creeping back, like a hidden ghost trying to underline all of your past mistakes

The numbness that keeps eating you from the outside in

All of the emotions trying to blend, escape and conquer the demon under oath

How can you help someone who is falling slowly into your footsteps day by day when your still in recovery

And the when the numbness finally fades what will you do  but say you’re okay

Is there a possible mistake your demons escaped or are you running from the mirror’s again

A life time of numbness is nothing when you’re alone

A life time of numbness is torcher around others

Can the guilt you hide underlie the gods plan for you

Are you destined to be stuck in a world so cruel that the truth is what hurts you the most?

Crying is the new smiling and the happiness we crave is built on our graves

Still our thoughts are a million miles away


—Kyla Ducharme (Me)





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