Driving,Working and Exercise!!!

Hello fellow bloggers I hope everyone’s week is going good so far, mine sure has been quite a slow one mentally and physically due to lack of sleep, lack of work and so on however it still has gone by way to fast. today I went to a weight loss seminar with my mom she met with a dietitian, psychologist, nurse and kinseologist for her gastric by pass surgery she is in line for, I was awake early six am and out the door by seven didn’t come home until one in the afternoon but it was worth it. My mother and I have set a goal to loose or maintain our weight, change our eating and exercise habits and get into a regular day by day routine this is going to be so hard but so worth it in the end and do able too especially since I want to really get into shape as well and I am old enough to start learning how to cook healthy foods for when I live on my own which I hope to be soon as well but first step take it slow. Tomorrow is our beginning of our new life as  happy fit women and then from there the rest of the world changes and I am so excited but so nervous as well but I know we can do it and it will be worth it in the end so if I can and I’ll try to post updates when I can on here regarding my journey, wish us luck guys until then I am going for my Learners soon within the week so again wish me luck thanks!!!!


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