A New Chapter In Life

Hello fellow bloggers it has once again been a while since I’ve been on but recently I have been fighting a head cold with a major ear infection which I missed two days of work for but in the mean time I have been starting a new writing project this will be my 5th short story I am writing and it is called Tsunami Mermaid brief description its about a young man living in Hawaii with his uncle aunt and two cousins and he works at a surf board shop, he has these realistic dreams about this beautiful girl who he doesn’t yet know is a mermaid and when a tsunami hits the Island he lives on there is havoc and hope all in one the girl he dreams about becomes more realistic than in his dream. So that’s just the basic of the plot line I am having so much fun with this short story for I have to to some research on mermaids tsunamis and Hawaii which is great I love exploring new things. I also applied for several new jobs for I am needing new hours hopefully I get a few calls and interviews. My mom and Dad have decided to get married their wedding will be Halloween 2015 I am the bridesmaid and photographer which is great I cannot wait to see how it turns out she is having people dress up and everything. I am also planning on moving out so I am currently buying things I need to move in with and then saving for the place I have three major things to save fro Moving, my moms wedding and my trip to British Columbia next year I really hope this works I know it will take time but I am willing to do what ever it takes till then I focus on the small things such as my writing, work saving and planning. I’ll keep you guys posted oh and please if you have instagram go and follow me kylascorner2014 and Ill follow back thanks guys have a good one 🙂


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