Party Of Four!!!

Last night was intense the way things escalated so fast was heart racing first I was just relaxing having a beer and some sweet vodka sodas then the next thing I was dancing and laughing with my friends, we all had a good time drinking and playing a game of would you rather and omg some of the things we said were fucking hilarious for example would you rather have your boss walk in on you while you’re on the toilet or your mom walk in while your having sex, gross I know but you had to choose one or the other so I went with the boss walking in this way if you want you can quit and never see them again unlike your mother, she’s everywhere it seems. Anyways I had a blast because what happens when you drink wine vodka and a Corona well you get pretty tipsy and wild almost like a mix of straight tequila but a lot more toxic once it hits our system. I got tipsy faster than I thought because I barely ate anything last night before we drank so it makes sense why I got that way Mike, Elle, K and I were beginning to feel the music along with our drinks so we turned up the volume and relaxed, next thing you know me and K are making out which leads Elle and Mike to another room, good thing her roommate is gone to Toronto now other wise this would have not happened but I needed to stop myself before things got out of hand don’t get me wrong it felt great I was allowing him to do things I never really cared for and then I stopped him because my grandpa was out side waiting, fuck my life. I guess its a good thing because I barely knew him I have only drank with him once before this but I liked it I mean who wouldn’t but I didn’t want the booze taking over I was drunk but not that drunk I knew what I was doing and I controlled myself. I would so do it again if it ever happened, but he is ten years older than I but does age really matter anymore like really…?


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