The Core Of Moving On

How many times do I have to look back at the times that were once good, when we were in love, pain, hate and forgiveness, after the havoc all I really wanted was happiness for both her and I yet each passing day with out her cripples my insides yet it makes me stronger. One to million times we tried to fix things our hearts said no but our love said yes a hurricane hit me and I realized things would turn out with or without her. It has been more than three years since I have seen and been with her yet a year or so since we spoke last, she’s toxic and I’m a chemical always lighting the fuses, neither of us wanted it to happen yet it did but now looking back I am glad we aren’t together. She looks good, happy and still rocking her corky smile with those crystal blue eyes but this time they aren’t mine to fall in love with it isn’t my smile to take away to hold and to kiss and touch, I am anything but hurt, in fact looking at her now with that girl she seems in love seems healthy and seems more beautiful than ever. Don’t get me wrong I love her I do I always have always will but true love finds its way back even if its too late, and true love isn’t jealous instead it is even more filed with happiness because you belonged to their lives at some point and that means I’ll always be strong enough for both of us to move on forever and if its meant to be its meant to be and right now it’s not meant to be. She’ll always be a part of me she changed my life and I fell in love like a reckless fool but the fool is never left out in fact it will be the core of moving on, forever.


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