Future Goals!!

So recently my mom quit her job at work, which was the same place I am still currently at today,  and she decided to apply for school to be a health care aide nurse and to understand the job description better this way she can get paid better than minimum wage and also be happy at her job and not feel so obligated to do so much under pressure with shitty co-workers there are three major reasons she decided to go to school and quit her job 1. she regrets not going after high school, 2. she was a single teen mom, and 3 our family is sick such as my great grandpa, her dad (my grandpa) and our cousin, along with other people as well such as her friends and people around the world.  So this really makes her want to do something not just for her self but for others as well, especially since we need more people in the health system these days due to all these other idiots out there, I am really proud of her for doing something she wants and is interested in however I am a bit jealous not just of her but of others as well, don’t get me wrong I know I can do this to however I just sort of feel stuck with my living situation and low income wages and my depression I know there are tons of things I can do about it but lately I just don’t know anymore I’m confused frustrated and stressed but all I can do is try and hope it all works out sooner or later. Right now I am going to be starting to save to move out all while trying to save to go on a trip to BC and for my moms wedding in 2015 on Halloween day plus maybe my book publishing ugh so much to do I hate growing up stay young forever bitches I wish I could…..Later Bloggers!!!


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