Finding Love Again, Can & Will It Happen?

The stress of the future evolves, my god why can’t some one just like me the way I am for fuck sakes why do I have to please people differently by acting or dressing or even looking different why cant I be a chubby girl and still have someone to call mine I mean there are TONS of people who are bigger than I and still have some one they can call theirs yet I don’t is there something wrong with me seriously I have had only three real relationships in 6 years two of which were guys and didn’t last longer than a month and then my third and last so far was a chick who I fell in love with who just ended up breaking my heart anyways and it only lasted about five months, since then and even before them I have only kissed people for drunken encounters or dares or just because we were bored but why cant I find new love at all? Am I cursed to be alone or is there someone out there for me for real because look at some people they live their whole lives alone and still are alone its sad when I see it I feel really bad and I hope that wont be me one day. Maybe I’m just over thinking things maybe Ill find love again one day I just hope its sooner than later because I get real lonely. Though I’m not really focused on a relationship right now it would just bee nice to know someone’s interested or at least to have that comfort you know….UGH I hate this sometimes!!!!!1



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  1. Im the same way im a bigger guy never ever had a g/f in winnipeg only had women i met online in the us i see bigger guys get women im like wtf is wrong with me im so kind,gentle sweet and caring i remember when i first ever saw you at work i had a crush on you even though i never met you before im just too shy to show 😦 tired of being alone


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