A Bit Of This And That!!!

Hey Bloggers it’s been a while, I have been busy with things, been sick and been writing more. My short story Tsunami Mermaid is just coming to an end soon it’s the longest short story I have written, minus my book, I am writing about my life. I am pretty excited about this one I am summing the Siren/Mermaid story in with the Tsunami in the end of it but I won’t tell you how. My friends are excited to read it as well my one is actually trying to read my first short story, Sexual Memories. And my other best friend is writing her own short story about sex of course though she’s never written before she is excited and I am too I have been giving her hints and stuff on what to do for writing and tips. I am really thinking about doing a Grant for my writing I have a publisher wanting to help me however he is a self publisher and I am not eligible for a grant if it is like that so I need to do more research before I get it, however in the mean time I got my grandma to print me off the registration papers deadline May 1st every year. So if not this year maybe next, I am willing to do what ever it takes writing is my life it is my career on top of wanting to be a counselor. So far I have over 200 Poems written and typed up, I have a first part of my book about my life, I have 4 almost 5 short stories and some other written papers from high school which I love they just need to be fixed up and edited. But I need to also focus on saving to move out, I have recently put a power point together with kitchen things to living room items moving forward to the bedroom and bathroom, certain things I already have I just need to start buying more. I was thinking about big plastic storage bins to pack away in my grandma uses them and they work great, I saw a few on sale I need to get some paid day. My uncle said I can store things in his basement so I will. I want to live alone but I want my best friend to live there too. I think she needs to live with someone other than her parents we are so much a like our other best friends doesn’t understand but it’s ok because no one really understands anxiety and depression. I hope one day though we can all understand it just like cancer and Alzheimer’s and other things. It is something I don’t want but I deal with it every day and so does she. Well Bloggers that’s my rant for the day it is 10:38 A.M. and I am sitting in my PJ’s listening to Miley Cyrus’ Drive song. I am super bored, stressed and relaxing before work today at 3:30 P.M. have a great day and Blog on.


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