Love without wax

She fell inlove with you the moment she met you, grade ten social studies the moment you walked through that door she knew she loved you. Your looks were decieving but she fell for you anyways, the hat you would always wear, your leather jacket that fit your body perfectly, the smell of coco butter/coconut perfume lingered throughout the halls. Be friending you was something she didnt plan on doing but it became a natural process, your blue eyes gazed right through her. Months go by and youre seeing her best friend, who is only experimenting because they too are curious about the taste of your lips, three days and its over your single again. Shes in the backroom of the class, you and her are silent sending text messages back and forth knowing the connection is deeper than intended. Her brown eyes and your blue eyes connect and so do eachothers lips, passion and emotions fill the small room. Her heart fills with love, yours fills with doubt but the kiss fills her with guilt and you with confusion. Later on you and her are together, inlove and happy. You have your good days and bad and you always told her your love is without wax. That was almost 6 years ago already both have loved and lost and moved on she still and always will love you,and I know you still and will always love her too, but time passes, people change and life goes on with or without the ones you love.


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