First time brazillian 

“Getting your vagina waxed is a whole different pain than pushing out a child” are the exact words my mother told me when I told her I was going for my first wax. My mother wasnt the only person ‘wishing me luck’ so were many of my friends and family members, why because they were terrified for me neither of them have ever gotten a wax, ever. Honestly, I never thought I would either but I did, dont get me wrong I was terrified, debating on if I should or not. 

When I was in highschool my friends and I would talk about waxing, shaving, periods and boys, the basic female conversations one would have woth their close friends. Like myself a few of my friends started shaving once we saw hair grow on our legs and underarms at 13, but we never knew what to do about down under, we were 13 for christ sakes we would freakout when we get our period for the first time, imagine seeing hair on your most valueble areas.  I heard alot of girls started shaving their vagina at the age of 15 as did I, some girls shaved while some didnt and thats when I heard about waxing. I mean I knew about wax because when I was 10 I began to pluck my eyebrows, then at 15 I began to wax them from a salon. Alot of times girls at school would complain about how ‘raw’ they felt after a wax because wax takes the hair, dead and live skin, which makes the area being waxed sensitive, some even bleed a bit. They were waxing their legs, eyebrows, armpitsand now their vagina, ouch. Thats got to be painful because it hurts when I do my eyebrows. 

Over the years I did alot of research and would ask around to see if anyones ever had one, turns out it was becoming a more popular thing in the female relm. “Its easier and lasts longer than shaving does, plus I feel sexier because theres no ingrown hairs, no razor burns or cuts left behind” a girl from gym class gave me the run down, plus there were different type of wax cold or hot, thick or thin and then there was sugaring, a natural smoothertype of wax could be cold or warm and thick or thin as well however, it doesnt leave behind a sticky residue, only takes dead skin and hair and you dont bleed, theres no cuts,bumps or ingrowns. I still thought who ever did that to their vagina was crazy and liked pain in some sick matter so I never bothered.

It wasnt until I turned 22 when I decided I would get one, I usually shave however over the last year or so I  let it grow in, full on bush ( apologies if I know you and this makes you feel weird but its my body not yours) I was recently single, and it was the beginning of fall 2015 to be exact. So this meant pants and sweaters, no more shorts no more skirts or tanktops and no shaving. No one saw my legs except myself at that point and I knew i was gunna be single for a while, and I didnt really like shaving because it was a hassle to shave every 2-3 days from stubble, and I hated the bumps and burns and cuts left behind because lets be honest they fucking hurt. So I stopped shaving. And let me tell you at first it was weird and gross and very itchy (tmi I know, sorry) but once a month passed I got used to it and it bothered me less and less as each day passed. Eventually I was fully involved with the hair down there, and  didnt care. It never bothered me one bit. 

I left my hair to grown there and my legs, come summer I would shave my legs, but I wasnt even bothering with my vag, I wasnt ready for a relationship or fwb at that moment so aint no one gunna see it but me. The end of 2016 is when I began to shave again but let me tell you it was a pain in the ass to get that off so I left it. Until february 2017, I decided I wanted to have a relationship or jusy sone fun and I didnt want to do that until I shaved, but because how difficult it was to shave I decided to get a wax. I heard many horror stories about the pain of being waxed but I needed to suck it up and be a big girl about it, so I made an appointment at a local salon I found in the area. I was quite excited about it but nervous as well. Never in a million years woukd I have thought Id get a brazillian wax, and if you dont know what that is please google it I am not here to explain what it is to you. 

Things with this guy I knew were gettig kind of physical and though we were just friends it turned to be friends with benifits, and I wanted to get laid, so a week after I finished my period and we had our first fwb experiance, I made an appointment to get a wax, because I knew things were going to escalate and I wanted it to as well. The day of my wax was the same day I went to my cousins grandmas funeral, I left from the funeral hone to meet a friend of mine who also never had one, and headed down tk get the job done. The closer it was getting the more I was freakingout, is this really worth it, guess pain is beauty. The lady told me to exfoliate the morning of because it would smooth and losen the hair folicules and make it easier to pull on the hair, so I did. As I got there a plus sized woman greeted me at the door and I had to fill out a little questionare to see how sensitive my skin was so they knew which product to use on me. Then I waited about 15 minutes when another woman came and lead me to a room down the hall while my friend waited. She handed me a pink velcro skirt and said “put this on and lay on the table I will be right back” so I did as she asked and as I lay on the table my mind was all over the place. She introduced herself and began the process, first she added a white powder to help grab the hair the  she grabbed a big blob of tainted yellow sugaring, it looked like puddy she manueverd it to make it warm and flexable, as she puts the sugar on she counts to 3 and pulls. It actually wasnt that bad I felt the pulling of hairs but it didnt hurt as much as Id expected it to, I had to use my hands to help pull my skin smooth for the edges and crevices and sit in a few awkward positions but within 45 minutes I was done. The whole time we had a conversation about traveling and how long shes worked there, it wasnt painful nor was it awkward. You would think having some random chick you dont know wax your vagina is a bit weird especially because I am plus sized and my first tine and full bush but nope she made it so comfortable and took it slow and it didnt hurt one bit. She explained that men and women of all shapes and sizes and colours go in to get waxed so its nothing new to her. She has balls to do that job, I think I would feel uncomfortable doing that on the daily basis but I had balls to go through with it. And once I was done I was so happy, I felt sexy and fresh and ready to mingle. She gave me 3 rules, no fragrances or soaps near it for 24 hours, once its been 24 hours exfoliate to prevent ingrowns and no sex for a day to help the swelling go down. Because I was used to having hair I felt weird at first but after a while I got used to it, though next time I go(4 weeks from that day) I would request to leave a strip since I feel very uncomfortable with being all bare down there. I felt like a child and I wasnt I actually find a little strip sexy, I feel more like a woman with it, to each their own and thats my own liking. My body my choice. But tk all you women who want to do a wax go for it its not that painful and its not that scary either, infact sugaring is less painful than waxing so get a sugaring you wont regret it trust me and if you dont like it then at least you tried dont let others opinions or experiances keep you from yours, you wont know until you try, plus no pain no gain, pain is beauty. Right?


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