As you know I smoke marijuana and I enjoy it, however I dont do this often in retrospect the last time I actually smoked was the night of my bestfriends birthday party april 15th 2017, until this weekend. It helps with migraines and helps me sleep and man do I get a great sleep, the only problem is I get very phlemy, my nose gets stuffy (it is hard for me to breathe due to allergies in the first place) and the following day I tend to clear my throat alot for about 2 days max.  I dont smoke it often only when I decide to drink or when I have a migraine or cant sleep which is always, however I only smoke to sleep WHEN I am up throughout the night more than once and if I have any to smoke. Afew of my good friends smoke and my family does as well which is great because honestly I see nothing wrong with it, infact its PROVEN to be more benifficially effective for you than non effective, no one has EVER died from cannibis use, but alcohol and tobacco yeah too many to count.  However I decided that I am going to smoke when I am drunk if I or someone has it. Usually thats what I do already, however I also smoke it when I hang with certain friends or family and I am not drinking  which is rare but still, Im even going to stop smoking when I have a migraine and to sleep because I never have any on myself anyways. So an occasional smoke with a drink but thats it, whether I were to quit fully or not Id still support it and legalization of it, why because theres just too much research and evidence that I cant explain, its better than any alcohol, tobacco, pills or other drug use. Marijuana is not yet legal here in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, but it will be soon and when it is and people complain I will be the first to say “do your research and find 2 people in the last 100 years who DIED from marijuana use, and compare it to some one whose died from somethig else than that” this is going to stump then because there are none.  Yes there is different names and kinds of marijuana this is due to how much levs of THC is in it, there is NO such thing as medical marijuana just marijuana, different dosage levels. They use the word medical to make it sound nice and to make money off of it. Whether it or not is my business, but I will not stop supporting it. Its my right as a canadian citizen to fight for my rights. And this is just the beginning….


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