The reality

The way his eyes peirce through mine makes me warm inside, but knowing this is nothing but the unknown.

His demons are similar to mine weed, alcohol and a sex drive.

Feelings I never wanted formed beneath the surface but his soul is cold, nothing but dry and clueless.

Wanting to be numb but he has the power of the thumb, this is something that can never be un done.

The things he says to me make me confused, though actions speak louder than words.

He misses home and gambles away his money and fears just to find comfort in my tears.

Friendship is only a one way street but we are riding in on a trolly making it a two way.

His name is crazy but it suits him realisticly, thinking with two hearts but one head.

Juggling a feeling we both want but cant share, is there even any chances here? 


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