A love we deserve?

We accept the love we think we deserve, but why? Is there a reason for this, because I think we all deserve a better love, the right kind of love. Most of us use love as an excuse to fill a void we feel deep inside emotionally with something physical like a sexual contact, something to just feel for a while until the feeling returns. They say you cant choose who you fall for and that it just happens, and what ever you try to do to change it only draws you closer somehow, yet some people choose to keep loving that same person even if they treat you like dirt, hoping deep down that one day they might love you the same way or just as much as you do them, but in return you just get hurt. Some people just settle for what they have even though it doesnt make them happy, their excuse; life passes you by and eventually you just need to look normal. Why is it that when people have someone they can connect with something that is great in a relationship they only take it as a “good friend” and miss out on something infront of them, then complain they cant find anyone worth their while? Why did society make relationships such goal worthy life situations instead of education, careers or travelling? Why did society trick us into saying/thinking you need to be thin or pretty or successful to be in a happy healthy relationship? Why do people stay in abusive relationships or stay with cheating partners and say “becase I love them” as an okay enough excuse for society to turn the otherway. Being single, or a friends with benifits has its ups and downs just like relationships but why settle for something just because, why is love so hard to find and feel and why do we accept the love we think we deserve when we all deserve to be happy. 


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