Strength & guidance

Strength and guidance, all that I’m wishing for my friends”~~Drake 

Always gets me in the mood to be greatful for what I have, even when Im struggling. Life isnt easy if it were we would all be robots, though sometimes I wish we were Im glad we aint. The last few months have taken a toll on my and my journey in life, Ive honestly been so down where I wanna cut again but I realize Im stronger than that and I will NEVER go back to that dark place, I feel a new darkness rolling in but I know its something that wont last, not this time. I wont let it. Road blocks never last forever thats why its a road block its able to be moved, sometimes it takes a while but eventually itll be out of the way. Part if life is feeling every emotion you have anger, sadness, happiness even guilt. Life is a puzzle sometimes not all of the pieces fit but its your job to place them, and thats the fun part, yes it gets frustrating but its do able. At 21 I was able to get my first apartment, I am $14000 in debt due to credit cards & student loans, workin full time and am going back to school. Its a struggle because sometimes I feel like a failure when times get tough but then I realize Im 22 and in 15 years from now Ill be debt free and hopefully doing what I love to do and maybe on my way to buying a house. Friends are always coming and going in life but thats the beauty of having people walk out of your life they leave room for more to enter and some stay longer than others, but that the beauty of meeting someone you have an experiance of a life time getting to know that person in your own eyes and knowing they will always have a piece of your heart and life even if you never speak again. Life is full of adventure, make it great no regrets times will get tough but dont forget ‘Strength and guidance’ will get you through in the end ❤❤


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